Monthly Archives - June 2012


We took Ms. Kanchan’s services as a visiting faculty for Spoken English, Personality Development and etiquettes training and has been successfully able to bring out a drastic transformation in our students. Her in-depth understanding of child psychology and the way of dealing with students as well as grooming is indeed commendable.
She has got her task cut out as a coaching teacher by conviction and profession. Her capacity is beyond question as a trainer and became a craze for students and teachers.
A trainer of exceptional merit to tackle all other allied subjects, she proves to be capable of handling academic challenges as well as organizing activities with her leadership abilities and command. Having win-some personality she makes up favourable impression on her trainees.
On observing her enthusiasm towards work, bounteous efforts and positive attitude, we feel immense pleasure to wish her great future. She bears excellent morals.



ABS successfully conducted ‘Hospitality Training’ for the staff of Hotel Ambassador in all the four departments i.e. Front Office, F&B Production, F&B Service & Housekeeping in the respective spheres along with soft skills, grooming, staff behaviour, customer handling, organization behaviour, complete kinesics & effective communication skills. There is certainly utmost need of such sessions to keep up the staff equipped with latest knowledge and also to keep them motivated.